Cost Segregation Analysis

Cost segregation analysis is one of the most valuable tax strategies available to commercial real estate owner who has purchased or recently constructed commercial property. While some studies can be extremely costly, our pricing program provides affordable alternatives and flexibility.

What Is Cost Segregation?

Cost Segregation is an IRS approved application that allows commercial property owners to accelerate depreciation of certain assets. This is achieved by re-classifying these property assets from a standard 39 year depreciable life to a 5, 7 or 15 year depreciable life. Our CostSegCheck Calculator provides a quick and easy process to estimate tax savings.

Why Do I Need This?

Our dynamic CostSegCheck Calculator diagnoses the accelerated depreciation of your property over the years, resulting in thousands of dollars in potential long-term tax savings in tax deductions for your commercial real estate portfolio.

Taxpayers who own, construct, renovate or acquire commercial real estate will benefit from having a cost segregation study performed.

How Does This Benefit Me?

Our Cost Segregation Studies can benefit you by:

  • - An immediate increase in cash flow
  • - A reduction in current tax liability
  • - Deferring your taxes
  • - Enhancing the ability to reclaim missed depreciation deductions from prior years

How Will I Know If I Qualify?

Did you know that numerous assets on your property to include your flooring, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, partition walls, and millwork could be eligible for reclassification that results in valuable tax depreciation?

With our CostSegCheck Calculator, our program can estimate the allocation of depreciation based on the current principles set forth by the IRS, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Affordable, quick and easy, our analysis puts the necessary data in your hands immediately. We are committed to maximizing your overall tax savings and providing the level of reporting within our studies which will stand up to any tax audit.

Click the "Get Started" button, drop in your data and start getting your results from our CostSegCheck Calculator today!

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